Home News Parents urged to be attentive to their children during holiday

Parents urged to be attentive to their children during holiday

[KECOSCE Programs coordinator Hassan Kibwana. Photo/Maxwell Ngala].

Parents at the Coast are urged to be more attentive to their children as the long holiday kicks in.

A coast based peace and security group raised concerns over how parents handle their children as a burden during the two month holiday by not caring whom they mingle or play with.

The Kenya Community Support Centre- KECOSCE, a Coast based peace and security lobby said that during the long holiday it is very important for parents to be more attentive to their children and closely monitor them.

He said most of the parents would give their children excess freedom and that they do not care even in circumstances where the children sleep away from home.

“Most of these young children spend the nights at public beaches or clubs and parents do not see it as a danger since they regard as ‘nuisance’ at home,” said KECOSCE’S Programs coordinator Hassan Kibwana.

According to Kibwana, it is through such trend that many young girls have been forced to terminate their education after being impregnated.

He said that children needed close monitoring, involved in charity work or other youth activities so that they remain focused throughout the holiday season.

Kibwana also urged religious leaders to come up with various programs suitable for the youth during the holiday to deter them from realigning themselves with  criminal gangs or indulging in drug use.

He attributed to the sorry state children are facing to reckless and unconcerned parents.

He appealed to parents to take their responsibilities seriously by ensuring their children are safe during the entire holiday season.