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Parents urged to protect their children


Parents in Mombasa county have been challenged to take full responsibility of protecting their children.

They have been further tasked to closely monitor what their children engage in whether at home or when they are playing with their peers.

Mombasa based youth activist Omar Chai said some children go through sexual violence and other forms of child rights abuse following their parents reckless behaviours.

The Kadzandani Creative Youth Organization Executive Director said the rising cases of violence against children in Mombasa are hugely triggered by poor parenting.

He said the youth organization apart from focusing more on youth related issues, it has been forced to as well engage parents in ensuring they take their parenting responsibilities seriously.

Chai said if everyone play their role as required, children in the county will be safe.

“We are witnessing children being kidnapped, some being defiled and or sodomized, this could be averted if we all play our community roles properly,” said Mr Chai.

He said children must be protected at all cost since the community will be safeguarding its future generation.

“At times you just find children loitering around begging for money from passersby while some hawk groundnuts at Kengeleni area along the Mombasa-Malindi road at 8 pm, what are we exposing our children to?” posed the youth activist.

He reiterated that it is a must for every parent to clearly understand that parenting comes with responsibilities.

Chai also cautioned parents against solving violence against children related cases at home, adding that the law should take its course.

He called for fearless reporting of such cases so that all those involved with such acts are properly punished according to the law.

Mr Chai also appealed to the police to work closely with the community and gender activists in curbing sexual and other forms of violence against children in Mombasa County.