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Pastors ignore gov’t protocols, to continue with normal operations

[Pentecostal church pastors. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

A section of Pentecostal churches in Mombasa have opposed to government directives saying some of the conditions are inappropriate for the way they practice their faith.

Meeting under the pastors’ fellowship of the Pentecostal churches Mombasa County at Jehovah Nissi Zimlat in Shanzu, Mombasa, they said some of the conditions are impractical.

They said the government announcement that places of worship will reopen in phases was a great blessing but doubted the practicability of the coronavirus restrictions.

Led by their Chairman Apostle Wilton Odila, they said they are opposed to among other things, the holding of church services within one hour, only 100 persons are allowed to participate per service and the 1.5 meter social distancing between congregants.

God above all

“We want to categorically state that the church is a place of worship and spiritual healing, we do not have wards for admitting the sick within church precincts” he said.

The man of God said they are wondering how the government allowed markets and supermarkets to operate but impose strict conditions on religious institutions.

He said they are ready to resume church services but they are not prepared to follow the new set regulations aimed at fighting covid-19 in the places of worship.

“For us as Pentecostals the journey to start church services has started and we will not strive to meet the conditions set out which are impossible to implement” he said.

Bishop Peter Khamati said they still hope the government will permit the resumption of communal prayers without much coronavirus restrictions.