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Pastors oppose 100 capacity congregants directive

[Christ United Methodist Church Bishop Bernard Amani Mudiri. Photo/Tedd Kalama].

A section of Mombasa clerics have opposed the 100 congregants only directive issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They said the move will lock out many followers who have been facing difficulties in following the digital preaching.

Led by Christ United Methodist Church Bishop Bernard Amani Mudiri, they say the move did not consider the space of the houses of worship.

Bishop Mudiri said some churches and mosques can accommodate up to 5,000 people and only allowing such facility to accommodate 100 people is oppressive.


Speaking to journalists at the Christ United Methodist Church at Bamburi in Mombasa on Tuesday, Bishop Mudiri appealed to the government to revise the directive and issue accommodating guidelines.

“Most of the churches have large space that can accommodate more than hundred faithful,” he said.

Mudiri said President Uhuru ought to have been properly advised on the reopening of places of worship so that the number of congregants can be revised up words.

He further opposed the issue of leaving out children under the age of 13 and elderly above 58 years of the church services.

According to Bishop Mudiri the move will make them feel isolated and barred from praising their God.

“Children need religious nourishment so that they do not plunge into societal evils,” he said.

He also said the faithful should not be limited to one hour prayers.

However, the Interfaith council Chairperson Bishop Anthony Muheria said all the measures are meant to avert the spread of Covid-19 in the country.