Home News Perennial security threats dwindles rich Tana River County, says Peace group

Perennial security threats dwindles rich Tana River County, says Peace group

[KEKOSCE Executive director Phyllis Muema at her office. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Tana River County government has been urged to work closely with peace and security nongovernmental organizations in a bid to revive the once rich County.

Tana River County is well known for its fertile land but most investments have been nose-diving following recurrent security and tribal clashes in the County.

According to Coast based peace and security organization Kenya Community Support Centre- KECOSCE, the County unending security threats have thrashed its rich economy.

KECOSCE Executive director Phyllis Muema appealed Tana River County government to unite with the peace organization in efforts to restore peace and security among communities within the county so as to attract investors.

Muema termed insecurity as a major obstacle in economic growth not only in Tana River County but the Coast region and the entire country too, urging the county government to partner with KECOSCE to tame insecurity.

She noted, Tana River being on a transit to Lamu and Garissa Counties in North Eastern part of Kenya can be a major hide out for criminals and terrorists, stressing out on the importance of the county to implement the Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Action Plan.

She further noted that if Tana River becomes the safest County then the entire Coast region will benefit from adequate food production from the county.

“If we have a proper all inclusive security strategy, we will overcome such challenges and reinvent Tana River County back to its feet,” noted Ms. Muema.

She said that Kenya Community Support Centre is working closely with Tana River county government security agencies and the County administration in a bid to enable the communities reveal important information that would help curtail criminals and terror networks.

Muema said that the fight against extremism and other forms of crime needed social approach too.

She said without proper strategy in the fight the county will for many years battle economic challenges.

KECOSCE together with other international partners will on February 19th launch the Tana River County Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.

Muema says the action plan will not only seek community approach in the fight against extremism and other forms of crime but also dispel fears that have deterred investors from setting foot in Tana River County.