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Physically challenged claims discrimination on food program

[Tunaweza women with Disability Executive Director Charity Chahasi. Photo/Fadhili Mwambingu].

Persons living with disability in Mombasa have decried discrimination in the ongoing relief food distribution program in the county.

They said they were left out of the relief food program despite facing economic challenges.

‘Tunaweza women with disability’ organisation Executive Director Charity Chahasi said persons with disability are vulnerable groups but have not been fully included in the program.

She said the physical challenged need to be fully involved in all relief programs.

Mombasa County

Chahasi also said such programs geared towards uplifting the physically challenged should be monitored by the physically challenged themselves and not any other person.

“In fact the county should set specific day to distribute the relief food to physically challenged, making them queue with other people for long is a disservice to them,” she said.

She disclosed that persons living with disability are going through hardships that according to Chahasi the county has ignored.

“We are suffering, I wish the county government and other well wishers come to our rescue,” she said.