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Police arrest notorious criminal gang leader in Likoni

[Criminal suspect Rajab Mwinyi Hamisi aka 'Mali ya Mungu' after he was nabbed by police. Photo/Courtesy/Police/April, 16, 2022].

Police in Likoni have arrested a notorious criminal gang leader suspected to be behind a series of attacks and killings in the area.

Police report reveals that Rajab Mwinyi Hamisi is behind attacks and killing of innocent people in the area.

Hamisi famously known as ‘Mali ya Mungu’ was smoked out of his hide out in Mtongwe area within Likoni Sub County on Friday night.

Detectives have been trailing Hamisi for months after the unending insecurity incidents reported within Likoni area.

Has is suspected to have planned and executed several robbery with violence incidents in Likoni.

Criminal den

In the recent past Likoni has been the hub of crime with armed youth attacking locals, stealing their valuables, injuring them and actually killing some.

“We believe that Hamisi has been leading the attacks in different areas within Likoni sending many small businesses especially M-Pesa shops into paralysis,” read part of the police report.

According to police, Hamisi will be detained and interrogated so that he reveals the whereabouts of his accomplices.

Likoni has been single out as the most affected areas where gang of youth attack locals in broad day light targeting small traders who wake up in the wee hours of the morning heading to Kongowea market.

The gang is armed with pangas, knives and machetes and attack whoever they come across, be it at night or during the day.


However, Likoni OCPD Joseph Karanja has issued a stern warning that all the criminal gangs in the area will be distabilised.

He said police have adequate leads and are working towards crashing the gangs.

“We however, appeal to Likoni residents to work closely with the police so that we succeed in this fight,” said Mr Karanja, recently.

He cautioned parents and locals against hiding criminals within their homes, further adding that anyone who will be found harbouring criminals will be dealt with.

He revealed that most of the armed juvenile gangs are of school going age and further blamed parents for failing to take their parenting responsibilities seriously.