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Police Bosses a stumble block in reforms-activists

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid at a past event. Photo/Ali Chete].

Coast based human rights defenders are accusing top police leaders for condoning evils within the police service.

The defenders have termed it as shameful for top security brass to threaten journalists who are only playing their watchdog role in ensuring the police service is clean.

Speaking in Mombasa, Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid urged security Bosses to swallow their bitter pill and work closely with the media to help restore sanity in the police service.

According to Khalid, there is a huge mess in the police service that the government wants to hide from the public.

“No wonder our call for unity between police and Kenyans has become a difficulty mission since Kenyans lack faith in their own police service, ” said Mr. Khalid.

He cautioned that the gap may broaden further if no mitigation measures from the government.

Guns galore expose

 “The recent expose by Citizen TV Investigative journalist Purity Mwambia printed the true picture in the police service,” he noted.

In the 25 minute special investigative feature, Ms Mwambia exposes the huge rot in the police service that has actually led to insecurity in the country.

In the chilling investigative piece, Mwambia is putting in black and white the collaboration between police and criminals that has enabled criminals secure firearms and police uniforms at a price to swiftly execute their crimes without any obstacles.

Delicate situation

“Actually we as Kenyans and rights defenders are chasing moving wind by pleading with the government to fight insecurity that it shamelessly causes,” posed Mr. Khalid.

He scoffed at the government for summoning Royal Media Service editorial team to appear before the Director if Criminal Investigations (DCI) for interrogation.

“What is the essence of all this? By threatening journalists the government is only taking the country back to the dark colonial days we are far much away from that,” said the defender.

Massaging insecurity

He asked those mandated to oversee the National Police Service to embark on sanitising the service and stop the threats.

Khalid said Haki Africa is keenly following on the developments and reactions from the government over the expose.

[Citizen TV investigative journalist Purity Mwambia. Photo/courtesy].

He further said the rights lobby will closely work with other national and international organisations and media entities to protect the rights and freedom of journalists countrywide.

The DCI George Kinoti has since denied that the firearms acquired by RMS crew during the special investigative assignment belong to the National Police Service.

Meanwhile, The Media Council of Kenya has condemned the DCI move to summon Ms Mwambia and the entire Citizen TV crew for interrogation.