Home News Police condemned for watching as fraudsters con Mombasa residents

Police condemned for watching as fraudsters con Mombasa residents

[MUHURI Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa residents have condemned security agencies for failing to eradicate fraudsters conning people of their hard earned money.

The residents are now calling upon the relevant government agencies to dismantle a cartel operating within Mombasa’s Central Business District as phone promotion agents.

The group is operating along Member Tayari road opposite Nawal hypermarket Center and at Likoni ferry, island side near Likoni towers flats.

According to the residents who have fallen prey to the fraudsters, the well-organized syndicate consists of young men and women who pose as sales agents of a renowned mobile telecommunication phone company.

The group poses as genuine marketers of unreasonably cheap smart phones, iPads, and tablets and also purports to assist clients in upgrading their sim -cards to the new 5G network.

Mouth-watering offers

The fraudsters accost you in a friendly manner and seduce you with their mouthwatering offers before handing you a card and asking you to scratch it and win prizes — money, phones and laptops, among others.

After scratching the card, you are directed to a stand-by car to register your details and collect your prize, where you hand over your ID card and phone number.

Once they have the full details, they access the victim’s mobile money transfer pin and other mobile banking details, after which they transfer money from the victims’ accounts to unknown accounts.

Josphat Maina is one of the victims who fell to the fraudsters trap at Likoni Ferry; he said he was hoodwinked into activating redeeming his Safaricom bonga points to get a new phone at their stand.

“The agent asked me for my phone to activate my line for the ongoing promotion they were holding, in the process of promotion she told me to restart my phone after activation,” said Maina.

The agitated Maina said later he came to learn money from his Mpesa account had been transferred, his bonga points redeemed and also his KCB account was used to secure a loan.

Maina said even after reporting about his predicaments at the central police station there were no arrests and the fraudsters are still operating at the ferry.

Public action

On his part Muslim for Human Rights Rapid response officer Francis Ouma accused the local police of turning a blind eye to the complaints about the swindlers operating freely despite public outcry.

Ouma said they had received numerous complaints from members of the public who have fallen prey to the marauding fraudsters.

He said the well-organized syndicate consists of young men and women, who pose as sales agents and swindle victims of their hard earned money in the name of running promotions.

Ouma wondered why the local police failed to act despite receiving numerous complaints from members of the public who have been hoodwinked by the fraudsters who seem to enjoy the protection of a powerful unnamed individual.

“We would mobilise the public for action if the police fail to take necessary action against the criminals,” said Mr Ouma.