Home News Police identify Mahir Khalid as the Dusit-D2 attack suicide bomber

Police identify Mahir Khalid as the Dusit-D2 attack suicide bomber

[Suicide bomber in the Dusit-D2 terror attack Mahir Khalid Riziki. Photo/ Courtesy]

Police on Friday identified Mombasa youth Mahir Khalid Riziki as the Dusit-D2 terror attack suicide bomber.

According to police, Khalid was recruited to the terror network by Khamis Bilal and went to Somali for training.

The reports further indicated that Mahir,  25 was born and raised in Majengo, Mombasa sneaked back into the country in January, 13th, 2019.

Police further revealed that Mahir was married to Suheila Mwalimu Bakari whom detectives are also pursuing as investigations hastens.

Mahir was in 2015 in a list of eight most wanted terror suspects  who former Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa circulated to the public asking Mombasa residents to be extra vigilant.

Marwa said that Mahir together with other Al-Shabab suspects were planning terror attacks at the Coast and other parts of the country.

On Tuesday during the Dusit-D2 terror attack, Mahir was seen walking past the restaurant and stopped outside as shown in CCTV footage.

The hotel’s site manager Abdullahi Ogello who passed through Mahir while on his normal duties revealed that he did not know who the person was though he was distraught, arguing through his mobile phone asking where his colleagues were.

“Seconds later after passing him outside the restaurant, I heard a loud blast and I ran for my life without knowing that the man I passed blew himself up,” revealed Ogello.

During the January 15th terror attack, 21 people including a Police officer lost their lives.

The police ‘Most wanted’ 2015 list included Mahir Khalid Riziki, Mohamed Abubakar Mohamed, Suleiman Mohamed Awadh, Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi, Muumin Abdallah Muumin, Hamisi Mwacheti also known as Bilal who recruited Mahir to terror network and Adallah Salim Marumu.

Meanwhile five suspects linked to the Tuesday 15th, January, 2019 Riverside Drive Dusit hotel terror attack were arraigned at a Nairobi court with the magistrate allowing police to detain all the suspects for a month at any police station within Nairobi.