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Police trailing six most wanted criminals in Mombasa

[Photos of most wanted criminals. Photo/Courtesy/Police service]

Police in Mombasa have issued a list of six most wanted criminals.

Police say that the Old town youth gang has been terrorising locals in Old town, Bondeni, Mwembe tayari and Majengo areas within the Island.

They have further urged the public to immediately report to the police whenever they spot any member of the gang for arrest and prosecution.

Mombasa Police Commandant Johnston Ipara has also urged the human rights defenders to work closely with the police so as to tame the rising insecurity in Mombasa.

He said that working in unison with the public and human rights organizations will lead to a complete destabilization of criminal gangs in Mombasa County.

“We are not aiming at killing anybody, what we want is to enhance security for all Mombasa dwellers,” said Ipara in a recent statement.

Already, two members of the Old town youth gang Shaffi Salim and Mohammad famously known as ‘Bobocha’ have been killed.

‘Bobocha’ was exterminated last year by a mob while Shaffi Salim, 23 years old was shot dead a day ago after police raided his business premise, a play station at Fire area within Mwembe tayari in Mombasa’s Central Business District.

Muslims for Human Rights- MUHURI has urged the public to help security agents in containing the rising insecurity in Mombasa.

MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa said that the emergence of criminal gangs in Mombasa has rendered the county almost inhabitable for locals and businesses owners.

“We have all united in curbing the rising insecurity menace in Mombasa, people are living in fear, we must contain this acrimony,” He said.

He assured the security agents that MUHURI will work closely with them in a bid to curtail insecurity in Mombasa.

“However, this should not pave way for police to engage in extra judicial killings and reckless shooting,” he said.

Those under police radar are Shaffi alias ‘Choka Mbaya’, Izzat also known as ‘Narma Khan’, Abdulmalik, Noordin also known as ‘ Mbavu Nene’ who seem to be the youngest in the gang of about 15 years old and Alwy.