Home News Police urged to quell clashing youth groups in Old town

Police urged to quell clashing youth groups in Old town

[Haki Africa Deputy Executive Director Salma Hemed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Human rights activists want security agencies to contain the volatile security situation within Old town area Mombasa County.

The activists led by Haki Africa Deputy Executive director Salma Hemed said Old town security situation is worsening and security agencies should work closely with the community in containing the situation.

According to Ms Hemed, the recent clashes between two rival groups signals more revenge attacks among the youth in the area.

She said despite interventions from the rights defenders, the youth gangs have been attacking each other almost every day.

“How can our youth battle each other to an extent of causing permanent injuries to their peers?” said Hemed.

Poor parenting

The activists appealed to Old town parents to stop defending their children but instead report them to the authorities for punishment.

“We remain silent when they attack and kill each other, remember one day they will attack you as the parent and you will regret it,” she told Old town residents.

The recent incident is where a 28 year old Jamil Salim was slashed with machetes and his left eye completely chopped off during the attacks.

In the name of love

It is reported that the two clashing youth groups were fighting for a woman that two of their members are madly in love with.

[Jamil Salim recuperating at the Coast General referral hospital after he was attacked my rival group in Old town. beside him is his relative. Photo/Ali Chete].

“We should take steps as Old town parents or else we will lose the entire young generation, “She said

In a daring scary video that circulated on social media, two rival youth groups are seen attacking each other using machetes.

Some youth are also seen scampering for safety with some having sustained serious injuries and bleeding profusely.

The Human rights lobby has vowed to pursue the matter until safety and calmness is restored in the once tourist destination of Old town.