Home News Police urged to unconditionally release detained Jomvu youth

Police urged to unconditionally release detained Jomvu youth

[Wajomvu community protesting land grabbing. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Human rights defenders in Mombasa have asked police to unconditionally release 11 youth arrested on Tuesday after protesting land grabbing at Jomvu kuu area in Mombasa.

The activists led by Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta said the police are being used to oppress the Wajomvu community who are fighting for their land rights.

Mr. Shipetta urged police to cease harassing locals who have all the evidence on the land grabbing saga at Jomvu kuu area within Jomvu constituency.

“The Methodist church is said to poses over 150 acres while locals confined in a six acre piece of land, this in inhuman,” said Shipetta.

Land battle

He said the defenders will fight for the rights of the Wajomvu Community.

[Haki Africa RRO Mathias Hezron Shipetta (Right) with Jomvu youth during land protests. Photo/ Atrash Bwana].

“This case is pending in court, why subdividing the land and selling it to other people?” he said.

Wajomvu community Spokesperson Ahmed Kombo Ahmed said they will never relent in fighting for their land.

“We gave part of the land for construction of the church but we never entered into any agreement that the church grab all of our ancestral land,” revealed an agitated Kombo.

He urged the church to remove all the tractors on the parcel of land until the court case is heard and determined.

Kombo said the community will not relent in defending for what is rightfully theirs.