Home News Police warn Likoni parents against hiding criminals

Police warn Likoni parents against hiding criminals

[Mombasa County Commissioner John Otieno. Photo/Ahmed Omar/May, 18, 2022].

Mombasa County Commissioner (CC) John Otieno has put Likoni parents on notice over claims that they have been protecting and hiding their children who are members of armed juvenile gangs.

Otieno said that in any case where a parent is found hiding a juvenile gangster, they will also be arrested and punished as accomplices of criminal activities.

Otieno who was speaking during a community Baraza at Timbwani area in Likoni Sub-County said that he is saddened by the escalating cases of machete armed gangs of youth, some as young as 12 where they attack residents.

He narrated a just recent incident where a school going girl was hacked and his school back stolen in the early morning hours while on her way to school.

Poor parenting

“These cases of locals being hacked are becoming absurd and I totally hold parents responsible for this menace. In one incident where my officers were chasing down one culprit, a mother hid the boy in her clothing,” said Otieno.

The commissioner added that parents have gone to an extent of selling land to bail out their children who were arrested, something that in one way motivates them to commit the offence.

“We must appreciate the good work of our security team; they have managed to deal with the situation. I therefore call upon every person living in this area to play their role in ensuring there is peace and security by reporting any suspicious incident to the police for action,” he added.

At the same time, the county commissioner ordered all chiefs and assistant chiefs in the area to record the names of the children who are below 18 years but are not in school so as their parents would explain why they are roaming around yet education in the country is free.

He noted that if all the children are in school, none will have time to hold a machete.

Meanwhile, Likoni residents have promised to form closer alliances between the police and the community to help reduce citizen fear of crime, improves police-community relations, and facilitate more effective responses to community problems in addressing insecurity.