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Businessman Jimi Wanjigi painfully quits ODM party after being roughed up

[Politician cum Businessman Jimi Wanjigi addressing journalists in Nairobi on, February, 26, 2022. Photo/Courtesy].

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi has announced his official exit from the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

Wanjingi, in a media briefing after being denied entry to the indoor arena in Kasarani Stadium where the ODM National Delegates Conference was being held said he has selflessly served ODM since it was formed but to his surprise he has only received kicks and blows.

“Today we have witnessed a debacle to democracy, I as a life ODM Member, registration number 06596 want to categorically thank the party leader Raila Odinga for the insults, kicks and blows he has given me today and other past days,” said a vividly pained Wanjigi.

He continued, “My relationship with Raila, at least in the political space, is seemingly over. From today, I have been shown the door by ODM. I have been kicked and I say thank you, I will ensure Raila does not become president,”

Wanjigi arrived at Kasarani at around 1pm in a convoy of 5 vehicles accompanied by a group of supporters, mostly the youth.

However, Mr Wanjigi was blocked by security officials who insisted that he is not an ODM delegate. But he was later allowed in.

However, other security officers at the entrance to the indoor arena chased Wanjigi away causing a lot of tension outside the delegates’ conference.

He later took shelter at Kasarani Stadium police post before leaving the venue.

Wanjigi said his ejection was a well-choreographed scheme to depict him as a rogue politicians who aimed at disrupting the event.

“I am officially exiting ODM party that I have served for long, I have known Raila for so long since 1991 but he is not the Raila I knew before the March, 2018, handshake,” charged Mr Wanjigi.

The battle

Wanjigi who said he is yet to understand how Raila has been fronted to run for the presidency without any nominations termed the ODM leader as a dictator and who is directly involved in ensuring he is terrorised, embarrassed, harassed and beaten by the hired goons,.

“For the other leaders and aspirants in ODM the situation is coming down to you soon, there is no democracy in ODM and you will bear me witness,” noted Wanjigi.

The politician cum businessman revealed that Raila as a dictator is in plans with President Uhuru Kenyatta so that the two continue managing the country even after Uhuru’s term lapses in August, 9, during the general elections.

“I want to urge the Mount Kenya region to reject Raila with his unpopular friend Uhuru Kenyatta since this country needs fresh breath of life and not being micro-managed by only two families,” said an angry Wanjigi.

Wanjigi said he will announce his next political move and to which political party he will realign himself with so that he accomplishes his journey for the presidency.

“As I quit ODM, I however tell President Uhuru Kenyatta to accept that his time to lead the country is over and he has to bid Kenyans Kwaheri (goodbye) and avoid imposing on us ODM leader Raila Odinga,” he said.