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Changamwe MP urges Coastal leaders to back BBI

[Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi. Photo/Courtesy].

Changamwe Member of Parliament Omar Mwinyi has urged Coastal residents to fully support the Constitutional Amendment Referendum Bill 2020, saying the region stands to benefit from the proposals.

He urged Legislators from the region who are opposed to the proposals to iron the BBI political turmoil and instead forge a united front to support the bill.

He asked them to fully cooperate so that the laws that have been referred to Parliament are enacted as required in order to ensure the region fully benefits from the laws.

Addressing his Changamwe constituents Mwinyi urged Coast political leaders to stop being swayed by flamboyant political leaders from other regions criss-crossing the country to woe Kenyans for 2022 presidential vote hunt.

He challenged them to unite to fight for the rights of the Coastal people, noting that the leaders opposed to the referendum push were busy listening to people from other regions.

Mwinyi urged his constituents and Coastal people at large not to be swayed by show off politicians cruising on expensive choppers while hunting for 2022 political votes but instead follow leaders who direct them towards development and improving their livelihoods instead of those who lead them into destructive activities.

He dismissed calls for the formation of a political party that will champion the interests of the Coast and instead said the political agenda of the Coastal region is being gagged by lack of unity among the Coast leaders in addressing economic issues bedevilling the region.

Mwinyi said the region’s political unity dream is being hampered by divide and rule political inclinations because the region lacks credible leaders with political foresight to steer the region unity.