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Coast youth urged to vie for elective posts

[Taita Taveta Youth Governor Robert Mwakumbaku. Photo/Courtesy].

The Coastal youth have been challenged to take top political seats in the August, 9, 2022 general election.

The youth have been further tasked to deter from being misused by politicians to incite locals or fight opponents during political campaigns.

Taita Taveta youth Governor and renowned youth activist Robert Mwakumbaku said since the youth are the majority, they should strive into clinching the top elective positions.

Speaking in Voi town on Saturday, Mr Mwakumbaku said it has been the norm for the Coastal youth to campaign for leaders deemed to be political ‘heavyweight’ and openly ignore their own.

He said it is time for youth to turn the tables and ensure the County assemblies in the entire Coast region are taken by youth.

“If we continue waiting for handouts, we will remain poor for the entire future, we must change and fight for the same elective posts,” noted the vibrant youth activist.

Mwakumbaku said handouts politics have for so long made Coastal youth unproductive and poor.

He added that the only way out is for the youth to battle it out in the political arena and take the leadership.

“It’s never too late for youth to turn the political tables, it only needs unity for a good purpose,” Noted the youth leader.

He however, said youth and the entire Coastal communities need critical civic education, political and leadership awareness for them to make informed, correct decisions.

Mwakumbaku further noted that when the Coast youth is fully educated on political matters, they will transform the region into a truly development and democratic zone.

Meanwhile, the activist urged youth to unite and initiate income generating projects.

He said most youth rush to politicians for handouts because they have nothing economically.

“Our politicians will give you only 200 shillings during the entire heated political campaign period, how will that amount sustain them for the next five years?” He posed.