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Don’t battle me politically, Joho tells Mombasa politicians

[Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho during Jamhuri celebrations. Photo/Courtesy/GPS]

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has scoffed at a section of Mombasa politicians indulging in political intrigues saying that he was accomplishing his second term assignments as Mombasa governor.

Joho said that he was way above empty political rhetoric and that his zeal is to serve Mombasa residents.

Joho said that he should not be drugged into political intrigues but instead urged politicians to focus more on development agenda.

While addressing locals during Jamhuri day celebrations at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa on Wednesday, Joho said that his mandate as Mombasa county chief was to transform the lives of locals and that he has no time for petty politics.

“For those gnashing me politically claiming I have created barriers you are only wasting your time, focus more on development and up lift the lives of your electorates,” noted Joho.

He said that only unfocused politicians would engage in early petty politics instead of engaging locals in development issues.

“We have vast challenges which need to be addressed among them unemployed youth, development, uplifting small entrepreneurs, education, water, environment among other basic concerns and not politics,” he added.

He urged Mombasa politicians to focus more on pushing the development wheel instead of fighting the county government.