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Don’t impose leaders on Mombasa residents-Mbogo to Joho

[Kisauni MP and Mombasa Gubernatorial aspirant Ali Menza Mbogo. Photo/Peter Barrack].

Kisauni Legislature and Mombasa Gubernatorial hopeful Ali Menza Mbogo has cautioned the current county Chief Ali Hassan Joho against imposing leaders on Mombasa residents.

Mbogo said Mombasa dwellers can make their own fruitful decision during the August, 9, 2022 general elections without being forced or coerced to elect leaders imposed on them by the Mombasa governor.

Addressing locals at Ziwa la Ng’ombe in Nyali constituency on Saturday, Mbogo said the governor should leave the residents to decide on whom to elect by considering their development track record.

Mbogo says it is time Mombasa get a different political leadership that focuses on uplifting the poor and ensure they live with dignity.

The Mombasa gubernatorial aspirant urged Mombasa residents never to bow down to any leader imposed to them from Ward representative level to the top county seat.

“We know that the governor and his circle are forcing people and specifically the county staff to support gubernatorial aspirant not of their choice. I want to remind Mombasa residents and the county staff that they have the democratic space to choose development oriented leaders they cherish,” he noted.

Mbogo, who has been traversing Mombasa county and mostly his Kisauni and Nyali constituencies to woo voters says there is no surrendering in his quest for the Mombasa county gubernatorial seat.

He rubbished Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir’s and investor Suleiman Shahbal’s gubernatorial candidature, cautioning locals that they will regret electing any of them, since they will be under their ‘master’s’ control.


“I am a performer and Kisauni dwellers can assert to that. If we discuss on land conflict issues none of any Mombasa leader has struggled to ensure locals secure title deeds as I have done in Kisauni as a first time Lawmaker,” he added.

Mbogo revealed that he is the one who secured 440 title deeds to over 3,600 families in Majaoni within a period of three months.

He further stated that he recently pushed the national government to secure a 122 acres of land in Junda area at a cost of 300 million shillings and which was subdivided to locals.

The lawmaker also disclosed that he recently won a land conflict battle at the Court of Appeal in which a parcel of land known as ‘399’ in Mtopanga Ward was handed back to locals who now live peacefully in their ancestral piece of land.

“My development track record speaks for itself and I am the right candidate for the county’s top seat,” reiterated Mr Mbogo.

The Mombasa gubernatorial hopeful says his Elimu Kwanza education initiative, land conflict resolution mechanisms, infrastructure, small scale businesses initiatives targeting women and the youth and security engagement forums are just but some of his ventures that have transformed the lives of Kisauni constituents and he wants to expand such efforts to the entire Mombasa county.