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Former radio presenter Suleiman Mwajenjewa joins politics


Former radio personality Suleiman Mwajenjewa has fully immersed himself into politics.

Suleiman is backing Kwale Youth, Sports and Gender County Executive Member Masoud Bungale in his bid for the Matuga Parliamentary seat.

Though he said he is not fighting for any elective seat, the former journalist says he has completely ditched the media and he is now in the political arena.

He noted that he had a successful career in the media industry  back at Coast based radio station, Radio Kaya and that it is time to focus on other different issues.

“Though I am not vying for any elective post, I have to learn the political circle first from those already in it, before I also make my political steps,” he said.

Recently, the journalist cum politician rubbed shoulders the wrong way with the current Matuga MP Kassim Sawa Tandaza who warned Suleiman of defaming him on social media platforms.

Tandaza threatened to press charges against Suleiman, saying Suleima has been traversing Matuga constituency tarnishing his name, claims that Mr Suleiman has since denied.

“In politics, you I’ll encounter various accusations and accusations, how I wish we could embrace issue based and development oriented political campaigns,” he said.

The now Kwale based political activist urged the youth in the entire Coast region to take up political position and stop being the catalysts for other politicians prosperity.

“I think most of politicians in the region are in panic mode following the entrance of youth in politics, this is exactly what it should be,” he said.

Bungale is currently engaged in a fierce political battle with the current Matuga MP Kassim Sawa Tandaza aiming at turning the tables for Tandaza in the 2022 Matuga parliamentary race.