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Former TV47 Coast reporter dumps media for politics

[Former TV47 Coast reporter Hateeb Abdallah. Photo/courtesy].

Media personality and former TV47 Coast region reporter Hateeb Abdallah has dropped his journalism career for a fresh political journey.

Mr. Abdallah worked at an Islamic Coast based radio station, Radio Salaam before he landed at TV47.

The media personality was among those who were affected by the Covid-19 axe in the media sector and lost his job in mid 2020.

However, the move did not daunt him as he indulged in various businesses and together with his wife Farhiya Hussein, they now own an event management company ‘Far events’.

The Journalist cum politician says his time in the media industry is up and he has to try something else.

“I am going to battle it out with other candidates in the Watamu Ward election in the 2022 general election,” noted Mr. Hateeb.

He said Kenya’s political circle is changing and transforming to the right direction urging fellow youth to be part of the political transformation.

“We have been singing and dancing for others and i think it’s our time to get into leadership positions, ” he said.

Abdallah is already meeting locals within Watamu Ward in a bid to woe support at grassroots level.

During his days in the newsroom, Abdallah ventured more into political stories, health, education among other stories.

However, it seems he is trying to change wings, dropping what he loved most, journalism to politics.

Most of the media personalities in the region and countrywide have been dumping the slowly sinking and futureless career that has seen some of the practitioners living unpromising life despite working tirelessly and under pressure.