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Hustlers versus dynasty politics

[Deputy president William Ruto in a recent political function. Photo/courtesy].

In the recent past the country has been treated to a serious 2022 political campaigns.

As the political scene gets hotter Kenyans too have dropped the monitoring and watchdog role on development agenda in counties.

It is a pure fact that the Covid-19 temperatures have been disgruntled by the political temperatures and Kenyans no longer care about Covid-19 but who will be the 5th President of the republic of Kenya.

Kenyans are now politically interested in the ‘Hustlers nation’ and dynasty politics, indeed Kenya is experiencing 2022 in 2020.

The church

As political temperatures are rising at an unexpected speed, Deputy President William Ruto seems to be focusing more on the church blessings first before any other thing.

Recently, Ruto persuaded Kenyans to support his slogan ‘Hustlers nation’.

However, the slogan has caused jitters in the political arena.

Orange Democratic Party Leader Raila Odinga says the country has never been led by rich presidents.

Raila said all the four Presidents who took the mantle are all from poor background.

According to Raila, Ruto should not seek voter’s sympathy by using the ‘Hustlers nation’ slogan.

Tough political battle

“We want the Deputy President to reveal what he has done to Kenyans as the second person in command in the country,” said Raila in a recent BBI meeting in Mombasa.

However, Ruto immediately responded to the former Prime minister saying he should also tell Kenyans what he has done to them and stop blaming him for his tribulations.

“They have now accepted that this is truly a hustler’s nation. There is no turning back,” reiterated Ruto.

The two politicians who were once in the same ODM Party parted ways and Ruto fully supported Uhuru Kenyatta to clinch the 2013 presidency amid the Hague controversial criminal case.

Noisy and messy

But the recent political intrigues have shown that the fall out between Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto will be more noisy and messy.

[ODM Leader Raila Odinga during his recent Coast tour. Photo/courtesy].

Ruto recently hinted of leaving Jubilee political party before 2022.

In a recent interview with national television Citizen TV, Ruto revealed that Jubilee Party has been hijacked by political middlemen and conmen.

He further revealed that if things do not work out and Jubilee party does not return to normalcy and operate as a national political party he will way various options.

According to Ruto, former opposition has hijacked all the party operations and if nothing changes then there will be a fall out.

Tough stand

“I have been called all sorts of names and further insulted without any reason but I remain the Deputy President of this country,” said Ruto.

However, the DP said he formed Jubilee party together with President Uhuru Kenyatta and none of those causing stir in the party were present.

He said the ‘hustler’s nation’ slogan is unstoppable.

“We have no time for the political cons and brokers,” said Ruto.

Hustler’s nation

However, Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe said Ruto should leave Jubilee party.

Murathe said the Deputy President secretly formed Jubilee Asili political party and should leave the Jubilee Party.

“The Deputy President should walk out of the party and stop ordering other members to leave,” Murathe said.

As the ‘hustler’s nation’ slogan takes shape, the noisy and messy Jubilee fall out remains a matter of when and not if.