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I can’t work with Raila – DP Ruto

[Deputy President William Ruto (L) with ODM Leader Raila Odinga. Photo/Courtesy].

Deputy President William Ruto has said that he will not work with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Ruto’s remarks thwarts the speculations that the DP may join hands with Odinga in battling for the top seat come August, 9, 2022.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with a national vernacular radio station Inooro FM on Wednesday, Ruto said his policies strongly differs with those of Odinga and that he does not think he can work with the ODM leader.

According to Ruto, while his strategic plans focus on development, face-lifting the lives of Kenyans and as well changing the countries economy through grassroots approach well known as the ‘Bottom up economy’, Raila is on different script which the DP termed as baseless.

“My Friend is fighting to change the constitution, form unnecessary leadership posts including that of Prime Minister with two Deputies as well as enhancing power sharing and greediness, he lacks any Kenyan matters at heart,” reiterated the DP.


Ruto was categorically that the humiliation he has gone through for the last four years in Jubilee government was actually choreographed by the ODM Leader.

“I have no business working with Raila, I doubt if I need him in my current political strategy, let him continue pushing for what will not benefit Kenyans,” he said.

Ruto said he is focusing to closely work with Kenyans at grassroots level in a bid to change the country’s economy, enhance democracy and an all-inclusive leadership.


He said, he is striving to forge a strong partnership with Kenyans at grassroots level, so that Kenyans can feel being part and parcel of this nation.

“I have received all sorts of insults, this is after the ‘Handshake’, but I don’t want and I will not engage into such political bickering, my focus has completely shifted into closely working relationship with Kenyans,” he noted.

On Monday, Ruto was blocked from travelling to Uganda by Immigration officials who said he did not have clearance from his Boss, President Kenyatta.

Ruto said he was surprised to be asked documents he has never used when seeking clearance for the past nine years.

However, government officials said Ruto will not be allowed to travel out of the country without written permission from President Uhuru Kenyatta from now on.