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I have not hinted about 2022, Raila says

[ODM Leader Raila Odinga (L ) with Deputy President Will Ruto (R ). Photo/Courtesy]

ODM leader Raila Odinga has revealed that he was not interested in the 2022 presidential debate and that he has hinted completely nothing about it.

Raila said he was not into early politics and that he was only concentrating on uniting the nation as well as perform his role as the African Union High representative for infrastructure development.

In an interview on Citizen Television Thursday night, Raila said that those debating about 2022 politics were at liberty to do so since Kenya is a free and democratic nation.

He denied having stated his position in relation to President Uhuru Kenyatta predecessor and that he should not be dragged into early politics.

He revealed that the country should focus more on development and creating democratic space before the 2022 politics urging political leaders to be more focused and serve their electorates.

“I have nothing much to say about 2022 politics, I united with President Uhuru Kenyatta so that we can as well unite the nation,” he said.

His sentiments come as Uhuru men denied having any memorandum with Deputy President William Ruto.

The recent remarks by Jubilee Party Deputy Chair David Murathe that Mount Kenya region has no pact with Deputy President William Ruto seem to state openly that Ruto is no where between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Murathe stated that if there was any pact then it was purely between the President and his Deputy which should not involve Mount Kenya leaders.

“I stated what many leaders kept off, we do not have any 2022 agreement between Mount Kenya region and Deputy President William Ruto,” noted Murathe.

However, Raila distanced himself from 2022 succession battle saying that being the Africa Union high representative for Infrastructure development he should perform his roles to facelift the continent’s Infrastructure, energy, transport, fiber optic among other important infrastructure related components.