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I will battle for Mombasa governorship on ODM ticket-Shahbal


Mombasa investor and politician Suleiman Shahbal has announced that he is fully back in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Shahbal said he was once fully in ODM and following a fierce political battle between the current Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and him, he was later forced out of the political party in 2013 general polls.

However, Shahbal says he is back in ODM and has promised to fight for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat on an ODM ticket.

While addressing locals in Mombasa on Sunday during his continuous ‘Gumzo mtaani’ forums where he engages Mombasa residents on various developmental issues, Shahbal said he is eying nothing else but the top Mombasa County seat.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, i am back in ODM and ODM remains my political party of choice,” said Shahbal.

The politicians who is trying his luck for the third time in 2022 Mombasa gubernatorial battle says he is fronting ODM Party leader Raila Odinga for the 2022 presidential battle.

“I fully back ODM leader Raila Odinga in his quest for presidency come 2022 general poll,” noted Mr. Shahbal.

He said his main agenda is to make Mombasa county an investment hub that will in return create employment for thousands of youth

He urged locals and especially the women and youth in Mombasa to fully back his quest for the gubernatorial seat so that they directly benefit from the planned investments.

He assured Mombasa dwellers that they will have a taste of different development oriented leadership that will carry forward what has been being implemented by the current County Chief Ali Hassan Joho.

Shahbal’s announcement is expected to yield an already in fight within the Raila Odinga led political party that is facing mass exodus from its once bona fide members.

Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir, an ODM politician is also fighting for the Mombasa gubernatorial seat come 2022.