Home News Politics I will legalise bhang if elected Kenya’s 5th President- Wajackoyah

I will legalise bhang if elected Kenya’s 5th President- Wajackoyah

[Presidential aspirant Prof. George Wajackoyah. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Presidential aspirant in the August, 9, general elections Professor George Wajackoyah has promised Kenyans that he will legalise farming and use of bhang (Marijuana) in the country if elected Kenya’s 5th president.

The former Nairobi street boy who will be vying for the National top political seat, is said to be one of the most educated Kenyans with 14 degrees and several diploma courses.

The middle aged man who is a renowned international lawyer is also the founder of the Roots Party of Kenya, which he said has a political base in about 25 counties in the country.

Addressing journalists in Mombasa, Wajackoyah vowed to legalise Canabis Sativa if elected in August claiming that smoking the herb was made illegal by colonialists who instead sold their whiskeys and narcotics for profit.

“Africans were fooled to shun smoking marijuana yet the colonialists lied that their whiskeys and cigarettes with nicotine are way much better. This was for self-interest,” Wajackoyah said.


He also took a swipe at Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader for forging an alliance with UDA leader Deputy President William Ruto terming it a political gimmick and a marriage of inconvenience.

The presidential hopeful also positively evaluated ODM leader Raila Odinga terming him a Kenyan political Icon and steward who helped to shape the country’s political momentum.

He termed Raila, as a leader born and also made through years of experience and hard work but differed if he will carry the day during the August, 9 polls on opinion of an evolution in Kenya politics.

He also urged Raila to halt his presidential bid and instead front a presidential candidate, saying the country’s politics has taken a new path of political modernisation.


The Roots Party of Kenya leader also called for the scrutiny of churches and other religious organisations saying they are being used to bank stolen money by politicians.

He said the churches and religious organisations often escape scrutiny due to their respected role within communities and the lack of regulation governing their affairs, this includes tax exemptions.

Wajackoyah, called Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to throw spanner into work by investigating political leaders and the church clergies where huge amounts of money were donated.

Wajackoyah has also promised to review the roads built by China so as to evaluate their standards if elected as the 5th president of the republic of Kenya.

“I will also review the SGR contracts that these Chinese people are enjoying in this country, evaluate how the contracts were awarded and if they are genuine,” Wajackoyah said.