Home News Politics Is Raila Odinga fully immersed into Legio Maria church?

Is Raila Odinga fully immersed into Legio Maria church?

[ODM Leader Raila Odinga at the Legio Maria church in Makongeni, Nairobi. Photo/ODM].

ODM Leader Raila Odinga was on Sunday seen in fully Legio Maria preacher official clothes.

Raila’s new attire amazed Kenyans who mocked the ODM leader on the social media.

However, Raila cared less and remained in full combat including a head gear spent the Sunday at the Makongeni Legio Maria church, Nairobi.

Raila who seem to have changed his political tactics and camp in churches despite earlier on despising his opponent, Deputy President William Ruto for attending church services and giving out ‘sacrifice’.

Raila while attending the church service told the congregants that he was in fear after being sworn in as the People’s president.

“I feared that President Uhuru Kenyatta would arrest me and put me behind bars for treason charges,’ Raila said.

He said he gave in to Uhuru and the two discussed at length on the modalities of moving the country forward, that also led to the birth of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).