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Is UDA itching closer to the ‘promised land’ of Canaan?


The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) seem to be edging closer to the ‘promised land of Canaan than any other political party in the country.

This follows the recent innovations depicted by the party to have various ways of wooing voters.

Some UDA politicians and aspirants have invented the use of inner garments to sell the party to all corners of the country.

The initiative was once seen during the Moi’s era where politicians among them the Former Kaloleni MP the late Mathias Keah who was also a Minister in the late Daniel Moi’s government.

The women underwear were labelled ‘I love Mathias Keah’, a unique political campaign strategy that is said to have broken a number of marriages in Kaloleni while on other occasions some women received a thorough beating and the merchandise burnt by their husbands.

After Mathias Keah’s death, the political strategy died.

However, it seems to have resurrected.

UDA aspirants are slowly embracing this strategy of ensuring the ‘land’ is well covered with UDA.

Not only underwears but also tops and bras are on the way just to ensure women voters are taken care of before the August, 9th, 2022 general polls.

Are men not jealous about this gesture?

Sources indicate that indeed the UDA merchandise is getting an expansion to accommodate men in the inner garment political strategy.

Male boxers and underwears too are in the processing stage.

will men wear them on not? That is up to them to decide.

Since some would prefer the bunch of the goodies delivered to them secretly as it may be deemed shameful for one to receive underwear or boxers from politicians, most likely the panties and boxers will be splashed out in public as a way of attracting members to the UDA political party.

For the ‘Hustler Nation’ with the economic hardships, you need to be patient and wait for the goodies since private parts have to be covered anyway.