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Joho plans to dislodge Dori from ODM

[Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho (L ) with Omar Boga.Photo/courtesy/GPS]

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho is taking defiant Msambweni Member of Parliament Suleiman Dori head-on after Dori openly drummed support for Deputy President William Ruto in his 2022 presidential bid.

Joho who in his recent visit to Msambweni met with Kwale ODM Leadership however did not openly share the plans, he hinted of having a candid dialogue on the issues pertaining Msambweni residents.

Joho said that ODM was very strong on ground and that he will go back to Kwale to meet all ODM leaders in deliberating on various economical, leadership and political issues revolving around the Coastal strongest party.

He assured one of last year’s general election Msambweni Parliamentary aspirant Omar Boga that he will fully support him in his entire leadership bid, without mentioning the incumbent.

Joho’s sentiments hinted more political realignment in the ODM party that may daunt Suleiman Dori as the current Msambweni Member of parliament.

“I will be back here very soon to meet ODM leaders and supporters so that we deliberate on various issues surrounding us,” said Joho

However, Dori thwarted Joho’s visit saying that he fears nothing and he remains bona fide ODM member.

“I will remain in ODM since I have contributed to the political party, you can’t take me anywhere,” he retorted.

Dori asked his supported to stand on ground and work closely with the MP for the development of Msambweni constituency.

He dared ODM top brass to dislocate him from the political party.

Dori and his Malindi counterpart Aisha Jumwa openly announced their support for Deputy President William Ruto presidential bid but in the recent Ruto’s Coastal tour, Jumwa did not show up.

However Dori accompanied Ruto to Lamu during the opening of Pate girl’s high school.