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Joho launches presidential bid in Lamu, asks for backing


Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has appealed to Lamu residents to fully back him up in his bid to vie for presidency in the 2022 general polls.

Joho said he is not relenting in his bid to lead this country.

Addressing locals at Mkunguni square in Lamu county, Joho said the time for other regions to back the Coast in its journey to state house is now.

According to Joho, Coast region has played the political support role for years and other parts of the country must as well support the region in its quest for presidency.

“I said and I will reiterate it, if you can’t fight for the top seat in the country that is you not me, we are ready to inherit president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022,” said Governor Joho.

He said the region should change its political tactics or remain politically side-lined for years to come.

“We have officially kicked off our political journey and no turning back, we will not pay attention to those dragging us backwards,” Joho told Lamu residents.

Before the public forum, Joho led a meeting with a section of Coast political leaders to deliberate on Coast unity.

He appealed to Coast leaders to shun divisive politics and unite the community.

Meanwhile Joho has urged Coast Members of County Assemblies to pass the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 saying Coast will benefit from the Building Bridges Initiative BBI.

He also urged Coast dwellers to rally behind BBI.

He said the initiative will open up a fresh system of leadership that will focus on an all inclusive leadership.

“As Coast people we should not be spectators but be part of the decision making and formation of the next government. This starts with backing the BBI,” said the Mombasa County Chief.