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Lamu residents urged to back BBI


Lamu woman representative Ruweida Obbo has appealed to residents in the county to support the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI.

Ms Obbo said the document is fighting for equity and equality that’s why it needs backing from the residents.

According to the county MP, Lamu County has suffered discrimination, for years and with such initiative such discriminatory gestures from any government wi be a thing of the past.

Speaking in Lamu during a youth empowerment program where she handed over start-ups for income generating projects geared towards uplifting the youth economically, Obbo said BBI will enable each County to benefit from it’s resources.

She vowed to drum support for the initiative so that it sails through without much obstacles.

“Let’s be careful with the lies propagated about BBI this initiative is not about ensuring few individuals remains in power as purposes,” noted Ms Obbo.

According to the Legislature, BBI initiative is noble and an all inclusive document that will directly benefit Lamu County residents.

“We should be very careful with the ‘Hustler’ narrative it has already divided our nation,” said the Lawmaker.

Meanwhile, Ms Obbo has urged the youth to work with leaders and other people who cares about them.

She said youth remain vulnerable to political intrigues and should avoid being misused or incited