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Lift the Nationwide curfew- Mudavadi calls on President Kenyatta

[ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi flanked by ANC Party legislatures. Photo/MPS].

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the ongoing nationwide curfew to allow Kenyans to have an opportunity to recover from the dire effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mudavadi says Kenyans cannot continue bearing the economic hardships anymore and the economy must be opened.

The Amani National Congress boss cited the need for the country to go back to its normal business hours without inconveniencing the citizens.

“It is clear that the economic hardships continue to bite several sectors of the economy. The transport sector, the small-scale traders’ sector, hospitality sector among others. It is time the curfew is lifted,” Said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi says the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the already difficult economic situation in the country and from the look of things it is time the curfew is lifted to enable Kenyans to get back on their feet and vend for their families.

He says curfew restrictions continue to give a negative effect on livelihoods and easing the ban on night movement and business restrictions will at a greater percentage help many Kenyans, toil and make a coin or two.

“We were already in bad shape even before COVID-19 struck. The pandemic just accelerated what was already a difficult situation that we were facing as a country,” argued Mudavadi.

The struggle

Mudavadi says the nationwide curfew is aggravating life that is already unbearable and he has emphasized that as a country we should not pretend that all is well.

The ANC chief who has continuously advocated for the resuscitation of the economy for it to work well, says the cries of Kenyans should not be ignored at this juncture adding that families go without a meal for days thus there is a need to re-look at some of the Covid-19 restriction measures and ease a few without compromising the lives of Kenyans.

 “We are not saying that the COVID-19 guidelines should not be observed, but clearly, we cannot continue in a situation where economic hardships continue and yet we can see the numbers in Covid-19 cases declining. People must be given an opportunity to start recovering,” said Mudavadi.

His sentiments were echoed by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malalah who said Kenyans are going through very tough economic situation.

“I have witnessed parents who had to dig deeper in their pockets to try and make ends meet. A parent has been forced to travel half the journey and spend the night at a certain town since curfew hours got him and the child on the way to school. Night travel ban as a result of the curfew should be lifted,” noted Senator Malalah.

It is now one year and 7 months since the introduction of the curfew restrictions as a result of COVID-19. However, many Kenyans are saying that the intended purpose when curfew was introduced seems not to have been achieved and it is time the government re-looks into the matter holistically.