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Likoni based Abagusii Community divided over MP political support

[Likoni MP Mishi Mboko during the coronation exercise. Photo/Courtesy].

The Abagusii community living in Likoni Sub county, Mombasa County has condemned political brokers from their community soliciting money from politicians through their community endorsement and coronation.

Speaking in Likoni, the leaders have warned ‘political brokers’ against inciting communities in Likoni for their selfish gains adding that they are open to listening to any political formations that will visit.

Led by their Likoni community elder, Joseph Musota they added that they will reject politicians who will visit the area to seek votes from the residents on the basis of ethnicity of the residents.

“We shall not accept any political brokers who move around to solicit money from politicians only to visit Likoni to divide us,” added Musota.

Another elder Kevin Omwega said the Abagusii community in Likoni Sub County will listen to candidates eyeing different elective positions in order to vet their suitability and development agenda.

“We call upon candidates to feel free to meet all communities in Likoni to ask for their votes without passing through political brokers camping in high end hotels,” added Omwega.

He said the community will vet all sitting elected leaders and question their development track since they were elected in 2017 before making appropriate decisions ahead of 2022 elections.


“We want every candidate to share with us what they have done for our community, Likoni residents and Mombasa county at large. We shall also be listening to all political formations, Kenya Kwanza, Azimio and OKA alliances so that we can compare their development agenda,” added Mr Omwega.

The Abagusii leaders further called on the politicians to conduct peaceful campaigns in the area without uttering utterances that would jeopardise peace co-existence among the locals.

“We caution politicians against inciting our people who have lived for decades in harmony. We want peaceful elections because Likoni is home to all Kenyan tribes and foreigners. We also urged the media to conduct civic education to enlighten the masses on important issues related to elections and voting,” they added.


Meanwhile, the Abagusii community elders have distanced themselves from the recent endorsement of Likoni MP Mishi Mboko for the second term.

The elders accused nominated Mombasa MCA Milcah Areba of going against the tradition of the community and elders from Bonchari in Kisii County to undertake the coronation exercise.

“We are concerned about Ms Areba who hails from Kisauni constituency, who mobilised and ferried Kisii from upcountry and went ahead to coronate Hon Mishi Mboko,” said Mr Obwaya.

They also disowned the name, “Nyanchoka” given to Mishi during the event, something elders said “portrayed their community as bad people who do not mean well for local leaders”

“Mheshimiwa was given the name “Nyanchoka” which in our community means a poisonous snake. Who wants to be associated with a snake? We wish to condemn this with the strongest terms possible,” they added.

The elders have issued a 14 days ultimatum to the nominated Mombasa MCA to make public apology to the elders and the community over the coronation of the Likoni MP failure to which they will denounce her and withdraw their support in her bid for elective position in the upcoming elections.