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Mombasa politician calls for new political dispensation to uplift the poor

[Mvita Parliamentary aspirant Mr Chris Imbali. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The Kenyan Society has been urged to embrace a new political dispensation that will guarantee all Kenyan Citizens regardless of their status, all basic rights.

Mvita parliamentary seat aspirant in Mombasa County Chris Imbali, a Rastafarian born and brought up in Mvita before moving to Germany where he was employed for 19 years says that basic human rights among them food, decent shelter, security and good health care are God given rights.

Imbali said the new leadership should strive to improve the welfare of Kenyans and bridge the gap between the poor and the rich because before God all are equal.

He pledged to work with like-minded people to improve the economic and social status of poor people in Mvita and create and infrastructure that can propel the economic status of Mvita residents to middle class level by 2030 through sustainable economic activities.

Speaking while launching his campaign for the Parliamentary seat a Moroto slum village in Mvita constituency, Mr Imbali said his priority would be to work with investors to upgrade slum dwellings and the Constituency and as well improve the welfare of the poor through the promotion of viable economic activities for the people.


He noted that it is shameful for Mombasa to have such informal settlements like Moroto and others located next to the Port of Mombasa which is the gateway to East and Central Africa and a link to the entire World through the Sea over 50 years after independence.

The political aspirant said it is the right of all Kenyans to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their background and those in political office and those aspiring for political positions should not take Kenyans for granted by lying and making false promises to fulfill their selfish ends and enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

“The era of distributing relief food is over. Kenyans are clever and hardworking. What they need is to be facilitated to engage in viable economic activities that can help them live descent lives and bring food on the table. Kenyans do not need anyone to give them fish but instead nets to fish for themselves,” The politician cum businessman said.

`”what drove me to join the race is the plight of the underprivileged and the poor in Mvita who have continued to live in deplorable conditions where good social amenities like sewage disposal systems , drainage systems and Job opportunities  are lacking,’’ He noted.

Slum upgrading

He explained that his plan is to upgrade the slum areas of Mvita Sub county by providing the necessary infrastructure and facilitating the economic inventions in the area to enable the residents live dignified lives.

Imbali revealed that he is in contact with foreign investors based in Germany who are  not only ready to upgrade the Moroto slums  but also to develop Eco-tourism ventures at the site of the informal settlement neighbouring the Ocean in partnership with the locals to enable locals earn income.

He said the concept that will take the dimension of a model city will involve the community identifying local challenges and address those local issues based on ‘bottom up’ approach that actively encourages local communities to influence the decisions that affect them.

[Locals at the Moroto slum in Tudor Mombasa, joining Mvita parliamentary aspirant Chris Imbali during his campaign launch. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“Moroto should be made to be the face of Mombasa City as the settlement overlooks the highway and entrance to Mombasa town from Moi international airport and upcountry. Visitors arriving in Mombasa should have a view reflecting the prosperity of Mombasa town which is a tourist attraction,” He emphasised.

To end the perennial waste management problem in Mombasa County Mr Imbali said he is in discussion with investors in Germany to consider putting up a waste recycling plant that can transform the waste produced in Mombasa County to contribute towards the economic development of Mombasa.