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Mombasa residents urged to register as voters


Renowned human rights defender cum politician Mathias Hezron Shipetta has appealed to Mombasa residents to turn up in large numbers and register as voters.

Shipetta says locals will enact the leadership changes they have been yearning for only if they register as voters.

According to Shipetta, locals will not be able to participate in the August, 9th, 2022 general elections if they do not register as voters.

Speaking in Mikindani, Jomvu Constituency, Mombasa County, Shipetta who is vying for the Mikindani Ward Representative seat in the forthcoming general elections, says it is time for the youth and Women to enact the leadership changes they want.

“We will lament and blame each other for years but if we do not rise and register as voters before the mass voters registration exercise come to a close, nothing will change,” noted Shipetta.

He said face-lifting of the Locals’ living standards will highly depend on the political leadership in place.

“Let’s not ignore the fact that our lives revolve around politics and indeed we have to make the right choices politically,” he added.

Recently, Shipetta who has been in the human rights activism for over a decade announced his venture into politics.

Shipetta said he wants to be part of the policy making so that together with other MCA’s at the Mombasa County Assembly they can pass and implement development and human rights related laws that will oversee a progressive society.

He said the political leadership is never for any specific person or a group of people deemed ‘political heavyweights’ but anyone can lead the community provided they have development oriented agenda that values human rights and dignity.

“We have to infuse the youthful development oriented leadership, I urge my peers not to relent but bring the political leadership they all need,” said Mr Shipetta.