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Mudavadi given 2022 presidential battle node

[ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Musalia Mudavadi has officially been sworn in as the ANC Party Leader under the party’s new constitution.

Musalia will serve as ANC party leader for 5 years.

Under the new ANC constitution the Party Leader becomes the automatic chair of the National Delegates Congress (NDC) and also the Chair of the Amani Council (AC).

The Amani Council becomes the second most powerful party organ after the National Delegates Council under the new structures of the ANC Party.

The Amani Council’s key role will be to promote, monitor, and keep under constant review the implementation of the policies and programmes of ANC and ensure proper functioning and development of ANC in accordance with the party’s constitution.

The Council will also be mandated to consider, review and if satisfied, ratify the ANC Manifesto.

The new party constitution has given Musalia an official node to tackle whoever will be in the 2022 presidential ballot.

The Amani Council is now tasked with electing the party’s secretary general two persons nominated by the party.

The new council will also consider, review and if satisfied, ratify the list of party candidates for General Elections and of nominees to the party list.

“ANC now becomes a grass-root based political party with a nationwide outlook under the new constitution,” noted Musalia.

Musalia says ANC remains to be a strong party and has called upon party members to remain focused.