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Mudavadi hunts Mt. Kenya votes

[ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has intensified his Mt. Kenya region tours in a bid to seek support from the region as he continues to bolster his 2022 Presidential bid.

Mudavadi who has already declared his interest in the top seat was in Maragua Constituency, Murang’a County barely a week after he met key leaders who included Cabinet Secretaries, Governors and Members of Parliament drawn from the Mt. Kenya region.

The Maragua consultative meeting brought on board former Members of Parliament led by former Gachoka Legislator Mutava Musyimi

Sources privy to the meeting say that the leaders deliberated in length on matters affecting Mt. Kenya region challenging Mudavadi to reach out to the youth and women with a message of hope on how their businesses will be protected and sustained if he becomes President.


Mudavadi who acknowledged that Mt. Kenya region plays a pivotal role in determining who becomes the President of this country basing on their political influence and numbers, was quick to seek for the support, confirming that the country is at a very devastating stage economically, and unemployment is at its high peak.

“It is a very challenging moment in our country especially on matters relating to the economy. Looking at the expenditure and the revenues being collected you see a big problem staring at us. Businesses are now living for the tax-man,” he said.


He also pointed out the growing impatience amongst the young saying the youth are slowly getting angry with the way things are being handled by the leadership.

“There is a growing impatience amongst the young people who consist of more than 60% of our population and they are the voters we are looking at come 2022. We don’t know what they are thinking of and what they will eventually do when they get angry at us. They become rebellious and we need to seek solutions amongst us leaders. This younger generation is not a happy lot.” Said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi is banking on his new approach of engaging stakeholders in drafting policies and programs that will give a paradigm shift to the future of this country, reviving the economy, creating jobs and opportunities for all, reviving the manufacturing and industrial sector as well as uplifting the lives of Kenyans.

On his part Mr Musyimi said “Coffee Industry is completely down and no value addition and farmers feel that the Government is a let- down and it has let the people down. If the government doesn’t care about us, then we don’t care about the government.”