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Muslim clerics scoff at politicians for raising political tension

[Ibrahim mosque Preacher Sheikh Abu Qattada. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The ongoing political bickering among politicians in the country has drawn religious leader’s attention raising concerns that they may plunge the country into serious political tensions.

Muslims clerics in Mombasa have raised concerns that politicians have thrown the country into early politics which have already caused major political and tribal divisions.

While addressing a congregation at Ibrahim mosque, Ganjoni in Mombasa, Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Qattada, noted politicians are derailing religious leader’s efforts of uniting the country.

He said Kenyans have been divided into political and tribal inclinations.

Stop early politics

The Muslim preacher said politicians must stop the political battles and venture into implementing their political agenda.

“We are total disappointed by our leaders, they have completely forgotten the important development agenda and instead enhancing empty, useless political battles,” charged Sheikh Qattada.

He noted if politicians will not change the situation will worsen.

“It is as if we are heading to the general elections tomorrow, who is sure that he will be alive to battle others politically in 2022?” posed Sheikh Qattada.

He urged politicians to focus more on development and uplifting the living standards of their electorates.

“Our leaders should be focussing more on fighting graft, improving on health, taming insecurity and ensuring all Kenyans get basic needs,” he noted.

He cautioned politicians against the current political alignments of ‘Team tangatanga’ which is aligned with the Deputy President William Ruto and ‘Team Kieleweke’ that is aligned with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

He said such political divisions have in the past posed serious challenges in the country causing fracas, tribal and political divisions.