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Mvita constituency political battle, a race between two horses?

[Mvita parliamentary seat 2022 contestants. Taib Abdulrahman (L) and Mohammed Machelle (R). Photo/ Ahmed Omar].

As the 2022 political battle slowly shapes up, Mvita Constituency political battle may be a ‘two horse race’

The current political state of the constituency has been tough and serious but silent battle between Taib Abdulrahman and Mohammed Machelle.

Though he has never openly revealed about his political ambitions he has been conducting his daily mandate as the anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust Executive director.

Mvita’s favourite

A large section of Mvita community has been pushing him into taking over from the current Mvita constituency legislature Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir.

Various youths and Community groups among them Mvita Community Development Organization-MV-CODE have been drumming support for the social worker saying he is the right candidate to inherit Mr. Nassir.

As the political battle shapes up and more candidates expected to step into the race Taib an anti-drug Czar, a youths mentor, a professional counselor, a social worker with public health background remains a darling to the community.

However, he is yet to declare his interests in politics and has for years engaged in battling drug addiction among the Coastal community.

Anti-drug Czar

Some elders, business community, women and youths group term Taib as the youth saviour in Mombasa following his zeal to help out youths immersed into drug addiction.

He is recognised as a selfless community leader who has matters about the community at heart and who has always been with the community.

Tough battle

However, if he is real into the 2022 political race, Taib has to square it out with a youthful businessman Mohammed Machelle.

The two horses will be eyeing for more than 107, 091 Mvita constituency votes according to the 2017 general polls data.

Machele instituted a foundation named ‘Machelle foundation’ as a tool to enable him reach the grassroots community.

He is also said to be Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho’s favourite and may get the political support he may need.

With the current efforts and money factor the ‘Who will blink first’ in the 2022 Mvita constituency political battle remains a puzzle.

However the Nyali Constituency 2017 polls political lesson if full resurfaces, Mvita political transformation may shock many.

I will only remind you about 2017 Nyali Constituency political battle where with all the political opponents and gimmicks, Mohammed Ali’s political power purely originated from the people.

Mohammed, youngest contestant

Meanwhile a youthful political leader Mohammed Hussein famously known as Amadoh is also throwing in his luck for the Mvita parliamentary seat.

[Mvita youth Leader and parliamentary contestant Hussein Mohammed aka Amadoh. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Amadoh has rich support from his peers on ground and he has been seriously doing his ground work to gain more support from his peers.

The youngest in the battle at the age of 26 is currently working on building his personality and public image.

He is a young investor and he is in the property investment sector.

He is the Personal Assistant to Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir and vocal Majengo youth leader.

Amadoh, Fearless youth leader

To him he is not really worried about the big wigs in Mvita political battle, he reveals that the current political trend is changing and youths wants their own in leadership and not rich people who use, misuse and dump them.

“Who said that politics is for those with experience? Who gave them the experience? Everyone started from somewhere and if the electorates decide you are out of the battle,” said Mr Mohammed in his earlier speech at Majengo while meeting youth groups

In about three years to 2022 general polls, Mvita parliamentary political battle may be a very interesting to follow as the events, more entrances and ‘business unusual’ happenings unfolds.