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Mwanzo Mpya Pwani political lobby unstoppable

[Mwanzo Mpya Pwani Chairperson Ms Mirajj Abdillahi. Photo/Bakari Ali].

The newly formed political outfit will transform the current Coast political status, activists have said.

Mwanzo Mpya Pwani, a political movement formed by youth political activists and leaders is aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing political synergy in the region.

The political movement leader Mirajj Abdallahi said the movement that is yet to be registered aims and changing the political vibe in the entire Coast region.

Speaking in Mombasa Tuesday morning Ms Abdillahi said for long, the region has been politically neglected noting that 2022 political song will be completely different.

She said the youth have decided to team up with women and the entire Coast region people to ensure the communities are not misused by other political outfits from other parts of the region.

“Let our political leaders get the early signal, it will be business unusual and they should get prepared for a rude shock come 2022,” said Mirajj.

She said the Coast political song has remained the same sending locals into acute poverty.

“We are fully informed that already some deemed political mercenaries have ganged up against us, luring youth with their monies but I want to assure them that they will totally reap nothing from this movement,” noted Ms Abdillahi.

She appealed to the Coastal communities to relentless and jealously fight for their political and economic rights.