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My journey to state house unstoppable- Joho

[Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Photo/GPS].

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho says no one will destruct him from his 2022 presidential bid.

Joho said he is prepared to battle it out with any other presidential candidate come 2022.

According to Joho, he has already notified and presented his nomination papers to Orange Democratic Party- ODM clearly indicating his seriousness in becoming the first Coast politicians to run for the country’s presidency.

“Anyone can lead this country, who told you that our parents never gave birth to presidents?” posed Joho.


He appealed to Coastal people and Kenyans at large to rally behind him in his bid to clinch the top seat.

“I will not back down in fighting for the top seat and I thank God that am not shaken by those hurling insults at me,” said Joho.

The Mombasa County Chief rubbished his opponents who said he cannot become the country’s top leader.

“If you can’t become Kenya’s 5th president then it’s you not me. I am ready to fight for the presidency since I have the qualities,” he said.

Joho bashed a section of Coast leaders who have been politically criticising him.

He termed it as a shame for such leaders to scoff at one of their own and support other politicians from other parts of the country.


However, Joho said such opposition will not deter him from pursuing his political journey.

He gnashed Deputy President William Ruto saying he is using Coast people emotions to gain political mileage but lack any agenda to uplift the Coastal people.

Joho said as Deputy President, Ruto has the capability of initiating various economic projects and enable the youthful generation earn a living and not handing them wheelbarrows.

“Are you even serious? Giving our youth wheelbarrows instead of economically empower them and indulging them in serious income generating activities?” said Joho.