Home News Politics Nassir cautions DP against dragging Raila to his political woes

Nassir cautions DP against dragging Raila to his political woes

[Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir. Photo/Abbas Omar].

Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir has told Deputy President William Ruto and his allies to cease dragging ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s name in their misfortunes.

Nassir said the ODM party leader is not in government and should not in any way be blamed for the country’s ballooning debt and other economic problems.

He said the DP has been part and parcel of the Jubilee administration for the last 9 years; therefore, he had no right to distance himself from its shortcomings.

“When did Raila or ODM become part of the government? Did Raila sign loans taken by the government? Did he sign the SGR deal?” posed Nassir.


He said neither the “handshake” between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta can be blamed for the bad blood between the President and his deputy.

The handshake, Nassir said, was meant to bring peace and unity to the country, it did not ensure Raila becomes part of the government.

“How do you blame others for your own problems?” added Mr. Nassir.

Nassir said that the ODM party was at the forefront fighting for devolution, while others, who are now part of the Jubilee government, were against it.

He added that ODM believes in social democracy.

“I believe in a government that shall believe in devolution, I believe in a government that shall ensure that its workers are properly remunerated,” said Nassir.

The legislature further urged Kenyans to be alert and not allow themselves to be swayed the wrong way politically.

He spoke during a meeting with Mombasa residents in the Ganjoni ward in his Mvita Constituency.