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Only Bona fide members will participate in ODM nominations

[Mvita Parliamentary seat aspirant Mohamed Soud Machele (Left) with ODM Mombasa Branch Chairperson, Mohammed 'Dee' Khamis at the ODM offices. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The ODM party has asked aspirants for various seats in Mombasa County to ensure their supporters register as members so as to be able to take part in nominations.

Mombasa branch Chairperson Mohamed ‘Dee’ Khamis said only registered ODM members will be allowed to take part in the nominations, should they be held.

The party’s National Elections Board has been advocating for consensus to pick the best candidates to fly the party flag.


However, last week, during a Mombasa County grassroots leaders forum, a section of ODM members led by former Mombasa mayor Ahmed Muhdhar, said they do not want consensus.

They said consensus is a no-go zone in ODM arguing it will end in unpopular people getting party tickets because of their wealth or connection.

The ODM Chairperson was addressing Mombasa County grass-root leaders who held a procession to his Ganjoni office led by ODM grassroots youth leader and Mombasa businessman Mohamed Soud Machele.


Mr Khamis called upon ODM aspirants to ensure Mombasa residents register as ODM members and as voters.

“Party nominations will be for registered party members. Machele, my brother, let us sensitise the people to register as ODM members if they want to participate in party nominations,” said the ODM Mombasa Chairperson.

Dee also warned leaders to guard their tongues when speaking to their supporters, warning that many of them get carried away by crowds and end up spewing vitriol that could incite people to violence or hatred.

He urged the ODM leaders instead of political mudslinging to follow the party protocol and structures in dealing with disciplinary issues and disputes

“Anytime one feels unhappy about something in the party, follow the laid down procedures,” Dee advised.


Khamis reiterated that under his term as the Chairperson, ODM nominations will always be free, just and fair.

The ODM match to the Mombasa branch offices in Ganjoni was organised by Mvita Constituency Parliamentary aspirant Mohamed Machele to put pressure on the ODM Chair to ensure there are free, just, transparent and fair nominations.

Machele urged the ODM Chairperson to ensure the nominations are free and fair.

[Mvita Constituency Aspirant Mohamed Soud Machele flanked by fans matching to the Ganjoni ODM offices. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Machele said he is steadfast and ready for the party nominations.

He urged his supporters to register as ODM members in numbers said they believe the orange party will conduct free and fair nominations.