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Only Kenya Kwanza will address port operation issue- Mvurya

[Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya. Photo/Collins Mangicho/May, 29, 2022].

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has said the Kenya Kwanza Alliance has all strategy to return Mombasa port operations to the Coast.

Mvurya said Kenya Kwanza has the economic development strategy in place and will implement it to the latter.

Speaking in Likoni, Mombasa county on Saturday during the unveiling of Mombasa governor aspirant on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party Hassan Omar with his running mate Selina Maitha to the Mijikenda community, Mvurya said since it’s inception, UDA under the Bottom up Economic Development Model has laid down its economic strategies and fully implementation processes to Kenyans.

The Kenya Kwanza Coast political campaign focal person said not only the Coast economic issue but the antire country’s economic challenges have been prioritised and will be conclusively addressed.

“Our people have been rendered jobless because after the port operations were moved from Mombasa to Nairobi and Naivasha, we have to overturn that aspect immediately we form the next government,” noted Mr Mvurya.

He further said the Coast region has been for years sidelined in National government development program an aspect that has hugely contributed to poverty among Coastal communities.

“Every county in this country has a detailed charter with the Kenya Kwanza Political Alliance and all Coastal counties are fully included in the plans and economic strategies,” said the Kwale Governor.

He said that only Kenya Kwanza government will prioritise Coastal needs and that the Coastal people will be there to testify after the August, 9 general elections.

Mvurya urged Coastal people to realign themselves with Kenya Kwanza Political Alliance so that there needs and demands are fully catered for when the alliance forms the next government.

His sentiments have been backed by the Mombasa governor hopeful Hassan Omar who said for years Mombasa county has suffered poor leadership, a thing he will address.