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Ruto, Raila tears each other in their political campaigns

[ODM Leader Raila Odinga (Left) with DP William Ruto. Photo/Courtesy].

The Deputy President William Ruto has once again accused Raila for interfering and eventually dismantling the Jubilee government.

Ruto said Raila is the cause of all the tribulations Kenyans are currently going through after he interfered with the Jubilee government that led to the ‘Handshake’.

Ruto who is in a four day in the Coast region said Raila led to a stop of all the development plans under the Jubilee government and brought about the constitutional amendment (BBI) that Ruto has since termed as the biggest fraud in the country that only aimed at creating leadership positions for few politicians in the country.

Addressing locals at Kafuluni area in Ganze, Kilifi County where he visited the most drought stricken parts of Kilifi county, Ruto said all the plans of dam construction within Kafuluni areas despite being in the pipeline, they could not take off following Raila interference.

“The person you voted for is the person who has now turned his back on you and us all, please let’s now struggle and make this dream a reality,” Ruto said while promising locals a long lasting solution to the hunger and drought problem in Kafuluni area, Ganze constituency, Kilifi county, that has seen livestock dying helplessly.

The Deputy President has once again reiterated that the ‘Hustler Nation’ is unstoppable since it is the solution to the country’s economic and inequality problems.

Hustler government

“The local Mwananchi at the grassroots level should be at the epic centre of the government and we will strive to achieve that through the Bottom-up Development Economic Model,” said the DP.

On his part, ODM Leader Raila Odinga while addressing locals in Eldoret on Friday accused Ruto of misusing public resources.

Raila said the DP is already in the government and he should work towards improving the living standards of Kenyans instead of using public resources to campaign.

“He is the person who is in the government and who has been dishing out millions of shillings where does he get the money from,” posed Raila.

Raila said his aim of uniting Kenyans through the ‘Azimio la Umoja’ Initiative will ensure every Kenyans directly benefit from their resources at grassroots level.

He appealed to Kenyan to support his leadership bid for them to benefit from the next government.