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Shahbal opposes ODM’s nomination by consensus

[Mombasa Gubernatorial Aspirant Suleiman Shahbal (In red barret) with Mombasa Woman Representative aspirant Amina Abdallah during their Jomvu Constituency rally. Photo/Mohamed Ahmed/ March, 16, 2022].

Mombasa Gubernatorial aspirant Suleiman Shahbal has once again opposed the nomination by consensus proposed in some ODM strongholds saying politicians should battle it out in the party primaries.

While addressing locals in both Kisauni and Jomvu Sub Counties where he intensified his quest for the Mombasa top seat, the investor cum politicians wants transparent, just and fair party primaries.

According to Shahbal, all the aspirants in various positions within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have equal opportunities and no one should be handed the party ticket in a silver plate.

He said the move will affect some aspirants who have dedicated themselves in serving the party and whom can deliver.

“There is no point of handing over tickets to some members in the name of consensus, we want a just and fair nomination process in the forthcoming ODM primaries,” said Mr Shahbal.

He said it is through the primaries that the party will actually determine the strongest candidate to take off the opponents in the August, 9 general elections.


Meanwhile, Shahbal promised Mombasa residents that he will revamp and revive the county’s economy and face-lift the lives of locals.

According to Shahbal, he has in the pipeline various strategies to ensure jobs for the youth, investments opportunities for women among other economic and livelihood programs geared towards achieving transformative change in the county.

“I will overhaul Mombasa county’s economy so that all residents access to small business opportunities and jobs as well,” he said while in his political campaigns in Kisauni Sub-county.

Third round

Shahbal who is making a third trial for the top Mombasa county seat noted that despite having various investments opportunities such avenues are yet to be fully exploited.

“My promise to you is that we will walk together in every economic program so that we all participate in changing Mombasa county and we directly benefit. It is evident that these efforts have already kicked off,” noted the politician.

He further disclosed that he will ensure a trickle -down economic development approach during his entire leadership.

“All the basic services will trickle down to the grassroot level through the leaders, administrators and community leaders so that we all work towards achieving service for all,” he reiterated.