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Shahbal scoffs at opponents for threatening county staff

[Mombasa Gubernatorial hopeful Suleiman Shahbal. Photo/Courtesy].

Mombasa businessman cum politician Suleiman Shahbal has hit out at leaders who have threatened to send home county staff once they are elected in office.

Shahbal said no leader has the right to dismiss the county employees from their works. Instead, he said leaders should look for alternatives to bring job opportunities to Mombasa residents.

The leaders spoke at Floating Island Restaurant along the Nyali bridge in Kisauni where they met over 700 youth.

According to Shahbal, any leader who want to sail into power should have in place a well articulated work plan that will trigger more jobs and businesses to the community and not pushing for lay-offs.

“My policies to Mombasa county residents were very clear, my first step is to attract investors to bring in their mega projects to Mombasa county,” reiterated Mr. Shahbal.

The Mombasa Gubernatorial hopeful said, the current few companies and parastatals cannot absorb all the youth in need of jobs and more efforts should be put in place to enhance job creation.

“I will approach the international investors, and ensure they invest in our county, that will enable us not only created employment for our people but open various business opportunities for the entire Mombasa county dwellers,” he said.

Shahbal appealed to Mombasa residents to support his bid for the County top seat, so that they can directly benefit from an overhaul of the Mombasa county’s economy.

Meanwhile, Kisauni Parliamentary seat aspirant Rashid Bedzimba has backed Shahbal’s quest for Mombasa governorship challenging him to use his vast networks to ensure he creates jobs for Mombasa residents.