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Shahbal urges Mombasa residents to shun divisive politics

[Mombasa businessman cum politician Suleiman Shahbal addressing Boda Boda operators at Tononoka grounds during swearing in of their officials. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The electorates have been asked to shun divisive politics which might escalate to political skirmishes during electioneering campaigns ahead of the August, 9, 2022 general elections.

Mombasa investor and politician Suleiman Shahbal said there is an urgent need to embrace mature politics and insisted the country is bigger than any individual.

He said the elections are ten months away and the country must foster peace and unity before and after the polls.

He cautioned the electorates not to allow anyone to divide them and cause chaos and skirmishes before and after the polls.

“Mayhem has no place in the current political dispensation,” he pointed out.


Shahbal condemned the violence which marred Deputy President William Ruto’s campaign tour in Kisumu county recently.

He spoke during the swearing in ceremony of officials of the Boda Boda safety association of Kenya [BAK] Mombasa chapter held at the Tononoka playing ground in Mvita constituency, Mombasa County.

The newly posted Sub County Police Commander (SCPC) Joseph Ongaya was in attendance.

The Mombasa politician urged the electorate to allow politicians to woo voters during the campaign session.

Shahbal who is set to make his third attempt at the county gubernatorial position to succeed incumbent Hassan Ali Joho challenged the electorate to learn to tolerate each other before and after the 2022 general elections.

He urged them to borrow a leaf from national events where politicians converge to celebrate peacefully.

“We all converge at the same venue despite belonging to different political parties and there is no exchange of blows,” he added.

He lashed out at his colleagues for dividing and confusing the electorate and asked them to stop doing so.

Shahbal who was accompanied by Mombasa politician ZamZam Mohamed said politics of division are outdated and should have no place ahead of the polls.

He urged boda boda operators not to allow political campaigns to divide them as they are free to support a candidate of their choice ahead of the polls.

“Let democracy prevail among the operators and they should shun violence in next year’s polls,” he pointed out.

The politician gave his personal donation of 500,000 shillings to the newly formed county boda boda association.


Sub County Police Commander (SCPC) Joseph Ongaya echoed Shahbal’s sentiments and warned the association members not to be used by politicians to cause chaos before and after the 2022 polls.

[Mvita Sub County Police Commander (SCPC) Joseph Ongaya addressing Boda Boda safety Association of Kenya [BAK] Mombasa County branch during the swearing ceremony of their officials.Photo/Ahmed Omar].

He warned the government will not entertain any unlawful acts during the campaigns and after the polls.

“The law enforcement officers are ready to face and deal with those who break the law ahead of next year’s polls,” he charged.