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Sharp division over Coast political party formation

[Kwale Women Rep. Zuleikha Hassan. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Sharp division has emerged among the Coastal leaders over the formation of a new Coastal political party for the Coastal region ahead of the 2022 General elections.

Kwale Woman Representative Ms Zulekha Hassan ruled out the formation of a Coastal political party being championed by Coastal governors saying the outfit lacks national outlook and the backing of the rest of Kenyans.

Zulekha urged her fellow political leaders from the Coastal region to stop preaching the political exodus of ditching ODM party to join a Coastal political party.

She said forming a new political outfit they need to reach a threshold having political support from about 25 regions in the country.

While addressing her constituents in Kinango Sub-County Zulekha said election and political party act does not allow formation of a region or tribal political party and they will also be racing against time because of time factor.

Zulekha said forming a political party at the eleventh hour to the general election will complicate the political quest in the region among the Coastal people.


The Legislature is now rooting for political unity among the Coastal leaders where she urged them to rally behind ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s BBI quest.

Zulekha insists that the region should remain in ODM, and use its numbers to steer development among their residents in the region.

She dismissed claims that the region has not benefited from the ODM party led by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to warrant the Coast to think of forming its own party.

In the 2017 General Election, more than 70 per cent of the Coast region voted for ODM. The idea of a new party has however, created divisions within the leadership, with some supporting it while others strongly opposing it.