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Think beyond 2022, Mudavadi urge Kenyans

[ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has called on Kenyans to make a wise decision come 2022 on the Government they will vote in saying it should be a government that will concentrate on resuscitating the economy.

Speaking in Nyaribo Village, Nyeri Town Constituency during the burial ceremony for the late Mwalimu Gachanja Wa Kiai, the brother to Human Activist Maina Kiai,

Mudavadi called on the Senate to expedite the process of having an amicable and lasting solution on the impasse on Revenue Allocation that has seen counties partially shut down due to the delayed disbursement of resources to counties.

“Nobody should feel that the final formula accepted by the Senate is against them. But most important we must make sure that the cake does not continue to shrink,” he said.

Broke government

“Because even if we have the right formula and the resources are not there because they are being consumed by debt and other things we shall continuously fall into trouble.” said Mudavadi.

He asked Kenyans to gauge the kind of Leadership for post 2022.

“Is it a leadership that can actually resuscitate the economy or not?” Mudavadi posed.

The ANC Leader further noted that the country has over-borrowed and pressure was now mounting on the economy.

“Kenyans need to face up to the fact that country is broke!”